EC101 Awnings

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Product Information  

The EC101 is Age Craft's economical alternative to the AC4000. The W pan construction allows for interlocking strength. A built-in gutter system is also included with this style awning. A snowload rating of 40lbs/sq ft. puts this awning at or above the BOCA requirements in 75% of the US.

Features & Benefits
Features - EC101
• Extruded side facia and front gutter
• .024 gauge roof pans : 8" wide interlocking
• Load tested strength
• Custom sizes : width in 8" increments
• Heavy-duty extruded set back beam
• Built in gutter system
• Paint finish is electrostatically applied and baked on
• All aluminum

• Extra strong extrusions give clean exact lines for beauty and support
• Gives superior snow loads : Interlock gives excellent weather seal
• Fits any patio no matter the size and shape
• Gives flexibility in placing the support columns and enables overhand of cover to help protect
• No drip zone on the edge of the awning
• Gives a lifetime of almost maintenance free beauty and protection
• Never rusts : low or no maintenance
Age Craft is equipped to handle all types and sizes of jobs. From large commercial properties, to residential porches.

Front Support Post Chart for Awnings
Up to 6' width 2 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
7' to 17' width 3 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
18' to 23' width 4 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
24' to 30' width 5 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
32' to 40' width 6 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
Snow Post Chart for Patio Covers with 10' Projection and over
Up to 6' width 1 10 foot snow post
7' to 17' width 1 10 foot snow post
18' to 23' width 2 10 foot snow post
24' to 30' width 3 10 foot snow post
32' to 40' width 4 10 foot snow post
Custom sizes are available. Please call us or e-mail us your request.
How To Measure
How To Measure - EC101
Length along the house or building in multiples of 8" only. Extend awning 4" to 6" over pad on either side.
The length or distance the awning extends from the building. Extend awning over the front edge of the pad by 4" to 6".
Patio covers need at least 5" clearance above doors or windows. The EC101 needs 3" minimum mounting.
Care & Maintenance

Mild soap and water cleaning and periodic waxing with any liquid car way will keep your Age Craft railing and columns looking like new for years to come. Use of rock salt or similar corrosives on or around flanges will cause paint failure and voids the warranty.

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