AC1000 Awnings

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Product Information Color Options

The AC1000 is an attractive, custom made barrier from
the summer sun or the winter snow & sleet. Age Craft's
line of pans and cover awnings will save drapes,
carpets, and furniture from fading and keep inside temperatures down when used over doors and
windows. Years are added to the life of doors, windows,
and porches when protected from the elements.
Snowload on this awning is 54lbs/sq ft.

Almond Autumn Brown
Black Cadet Grey
Colonial Blue Fern Green
Hunter Red Imperial Brown
Ivy Green Mocha Tan
Terra Cotta Vivid Cream
Due to inherent characteristics of awning material, manufacturer is not responsible for color variations.
Imperial Brown, Colonial Blue, and Almond are low gloss satin finish
Features & Benefits
• .025 gauge roof and louvers : .040 gauge under structure tempered aluminum
• Load tested strength
• Patented one piece flashing strip
• Patented runner clip and notch
• Rounded mitre corners available
• Custom made to fit any size
 • Available in 13 colors as solid, striped orientation with white under structure
 • All aluminum

• Offers aluminum's reflective advantages and light weight with high snow load  bearing strength
• 54 1/2 lb/sq ft snow load : one of the heaviest snow loads in the industry
• Prevents leaks : locks top louvers so there is no need for a cap piece
• Locks top/bottom pans and runner into one complete unit
• Easily installed and aligns positions of pans for consistency
• Perfectly mitred corners : no flat spots gives the look a mitre should have
• Can take care of any special needs you customer may have
• Allows for a mix of our colors to compliment any exterior color
 • Never rusts : low or no maintenance
Age Craft is equipped to handle all types and sizes of jobs. From large commercial properties, to residential porches.

Front Support Post Chart for Awnings
Up to 6' width 2 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
7' to 17' width 3 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
18' to 23' width 4 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
24' to 30' width 5 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
32' to 40' width 6 posts of flat scroll columns or colonials
Snow Post Chart for Patio Covers with 10' Projection and over
Up to 6' width 1 10 foot snow post
7' to 17' width 1 10 foot snow post
18' to 23' width 2 10 foot snow post
24' to 30' width 3 10 foot snow post
32' to 40' width 4 10 foot snow post
Custom sizes are available. Please call us or e-mail us your request.
How To Measure
How To Measure - AC1000
The measurement along the house or building you wish to cover
The length or distance the awning extends from the building. Must be recorded in 6" increments.
The difference in inches between the top of the awning [ where it mounts to the house ] and the bottom of the louvers or valance : over doors this should allow for 6'4" to 6'8" headroom. For windows this should be 1/2" of the height of the window plus the clearance above the window. Mount above the first full panel of aluminum siding of above the soldier brick and in the second mortar joint.
Double Pitch Awnings
In cases where the awning is placed over a window that opens out rather than slides [ a casement window ] , allow 4" of clearance on either side of the window width. Open the window as far as it will go and measure the difference from the building to the outer edge of the window frame to get the projection. Be sure to allow 4" to 8" of clearance above.
Allow 2" for mounting. For projections of 144" and over, I-beams must be used in conjunction with support posts.

Care & Maintenance

Mild soap and water cleaning and periodic waxing with any liquid car way will keep your Age Craft railing and columns looking like new for years to come. Use of rock salt or similar corrosives on or around flanges will cause paint failure and voids the warranty.

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