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Age Craft Manufacturing is the nation's leading manufacturer, distributor and installer of vinyl and aluminum fence, rail, columns, and awnings. We offer the highest quality products that increase the beauty of your home or business.

Our weldless design makes for both strength and durability. When you buy from Age Craft, you get heavy gauge, super strong, all riveted construction that can’t rust and never needs to be painted. Take a look at our product lines. If we don’t have what you need, other custom designs are also available.

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Age Craft's Enviornmentally Friendly Products

Age Craft's Environmentally Friendly Products

At Age Craft Mfg. Inc., we carry the mantle of leadership with a great respect for our resources and a sense of responsibility to our customers and, more importantly, our environment. We aim to provide sustainable product lines by integrating green principles into every part of our business.

All of our Aluminum Products (All Railing Systems, Fencing, Columns, and Awnings) are environmentally friendly and may qualify for LEED points. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party certification program by the U.S. Green Building Council. This nationally accepted rating system provides the necessary tools and resources to determine the environmental impact a project has, as well as guides to achieving LEED certification. Visit for more information on LEED points & certification.

Aluminum used to produce Age Craft's products is comprised using a minimum of 75% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer scrap. The remainder is from a prime source material such as bauxite. Converting scrap aluminum to reusable aluminum is a very eco-friendly process. Aluminum is able to be recycled indefinitely since virtually no waste is generated in converting one-pound of scrap into one-pound of extrusion Made in the USA ingot. In addition, aluminum does not lose quality during recycling and requires approximately 1/10th of the energy used when compared to the conversion of bauxite by a primary producer.

Our Aluminum components are also painted using an environmentally friendly powder-coated finish which is virtually pollution-free and produces minimal waste which can be recovered and disposed of safely.

Our Vinyl Railing Systems also have a very environmentally product life cycle. Age Craft's vinyl products save our precious forest resources. Our Vinyl Rail has a life cycle of 20 years vs. wood 7-10 years and will outlast 2 or 3 conventional installations. Age Craft saves oil and gas by using Polyvinyl chloride (a plastic with the lowest petroleum content, about 43%). The remainder is Chlorine, a common, inexpensive natural occurring element. In addition, PVC never needs to be stained, painted, UV treated or water sealed. This not only saves time and money, but keeps potentially harmful fumes and chemicals from being introduced into the air and soil.